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Attracting and retaining the right tenants is the first priority for the majority of residential landlords - tenants that pay the rent on time, look after the property and act as good neighbours.

Although we carry out independent checks to establish creditworthiness, previous contact with or knowledge of prospective tenants can be invaluable in assessing their suitability for the tenancy. With 32 offices in the UK, we are involved in local communities across the country. For many owners we also collect the rent, relieving them of the burden and enabling us to act swiftly if tenants fall behind with payments.

Keeping the properties in good condition also plays a critical part in attracting high quality tenants. Our building surveyors advise on how maintenance can be carried out so that it repays the investment within an acceptable period. We work with all types of landlords, from private individuals to institutional and public sector estates with portfolios comprising over 500 units.

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